3. Postdoctoral Fellowship


Postdoctoral Fellowship

Tokushima University and Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) established the Postdoctoral Fellowship to expand opportunities for young researchers through mutual exchange activities. Both Tokushima University and Technion plan to invite post doctorates of the other institution for academic collaboration in two different periods to establish the program for fostering globally talented researchers.

Message from the Vice President for Collaboration with Technion, FUKUI Kiyoshi

Ever since I was a student (since junior high school), my dream has been to study abroad and deepen my professional studies. During my fifth year of medical school, I was fortunate enough to be selected as a scholarship recipient by the Japan Foundation for International Cultural and Educational Exchange (Keidanren). I started my medical studies at Washington University in St. Louis immediately after graduation as a Fellow in Medicine in the Division of Allergy and Immunology, Department of Internal Medicine. I was able to start my research life as an M.D. graduate of a Japanese medical school thanks to the recommendation of my academic advisor.

When I was appointed to the Institute for Enzyme Research at Tokushima University in 1995, the first foreign faculty member I invited was Dr. Oded Ben-Joseph, Ph.D. (Oxford), an Israeli assistant professor at the University of Michigan Medical School. During his three-month tenure as a visiting associate professor at Tokushima University, he once told me that the most wonderful decision he had ever made in his life was to come here to Tokushima. He also said that as a Jew, he was particularly fascinated by the Japanese spirit of harmony.

Dear Technion scholars, I would like to encourage as many of you as possible to spend your research life at Tokushima University. And I sincerely hope that many young scholars who will lead the next generation of Tokushima University and Japan will leap forward to Israel with full of dreams.


For Postdoctoral Researchers of Technion and Tokushima University:

1. Long-term Visit:
a. Target: All Fields
b. Duration of the Long-term Visit shall be one year (in principle).
c. Candidates must belong to research groups at Tokushima University or Technion and have obtained their doctoral degree within five years (counting from the date specified by the organizer).
d. As an exception, outstanding doctoral students from both universities with strong recommendations from their supervisors may apply for this scholarship.
e. Be a citizen of Japan or Israel at the time of application, and the time the fellowship goes into effect.
f. Candidates must have obtained a Letter of Acceptance from the PI of Host Institute to apply.

2. Short-term Visit:
a. Target: Postdoc researchers belonging to TISI collaborative research groups only.
b. Duration of the Short-term Visit shall be a maximum of ninety days.
(Rest of the conditions are similar to the Long-term Visit)


Both universities plan to recruit every year. They will make announcements through their official circulations with the latest terms and conditions.

Postdoctoral Fellowship 2022

Mr. Akihiro Nakanishi (Tokushima University, Ph.D. candidate) and Mr. Shai Levy (Technion, Ph.D. candidate), who were selected in 2022 for Post-doctoral Fellowship between Tokushima University and the Technion, introduced their experiences during their fellowship trainings.


Tokushima University Researchers Information

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Audio-visual materials to introduce researchers of Tokushima University

Professor YASUTOMO Koji
Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Department of Immunology and Parasitology


Professor OGASAWARA Masamichi
Graduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social Sciences, Department of Chemistry


Professor MORIGA Toshihiro
Graduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social Sciences, Department of Chemical Process Engineering


Associate Professor YANO Taka-aki
Institute of Post-LED Photonics,


Assistant Professor KATAYAMA Tetsuro
Graduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social Sciences, Department of Optical Materials and Devices,


Tokushima University Promotion Video 2022


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