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Call for TISI collaborative research project Phase2

Principal Investigator (PI) who belongs to Tokushima University or Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) are invited to apply for the opportunity to establish the Collaborative Research Theme at both universities, to start work in January 2023. The deadline for applications is June 20 (postponed), 2022.

The Collaborative Research Theme is expected to be advanced, outstanding, and innovative. We expect it produces important results for the future of humanity.

Application Guidelines

1. Requirements
Principal Investigator (PI) who belongs to Tokushima University or Technion.
2. Research Area
No restrictions
a) Research themes based on long-term perspectives are recommended.
b) Themes already being implemented by Nichia Corp. may not be adopted.
3. Research Period
Two (2) years (Jan. 1st 2023 to Dec. 31st 2024)
4. Number of Selected Projects
Up to five (5) projects
5. Research Budget
$100,000/year/research unit *Supported by Nichia Corp.
a) Research teams of both universities receive each half of the total budget.
b) If sudden exchange rate fluctuation happens, the budgeted amount may fluctuate.
6. Other condition(s)
As per the theme, Nichia researchers may also participate in collaborative research with the consent of the PIs.

Selection Procedure
a) Call for collaborative research themes at both universities in April.
b) Submit CV and the Initial Proposal (in English Word file and 1page each) to TRDF (Technion PIs) or TISI Office (Tokushima Univ. PIs) by June 20 (postponed).
c) Disclose the applied information at the other university (Technion-Tokushima) to match the PIs.
d) Both universities’ PIs will actively contact each other based on their Keywords, Research Fields and Topics to form international research groups.
e) Successfully matched PIs jointly prepare a collaborative research proposal and submit it from Tokushima University’s PI. (around August).
f) TISI Guidance Team makes the selection and will notify the results around October.

First Application

Initial Proposal

Collaborative Research Proposal
Collaborative Research

*Laboratories selected for TISI cooperative research can apply for the Young Researcher Exchange Program (Short-term) .
(The application period is scheduled to start around April 2023.).


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